Dogs days of summer here in the #oaks. Mouth breathing is made more difficult than normal this time of year. The air is so thick it feels like you’re breathing in pancake batter. Nonetheless, 15 PAX showed up in fine fashion to join in some good old fashioned beat down fun at Catalyst. Here we go:

Warmup COP
SSH x 20
GM x 20
IW x 20
Crossfit Merkin x 10
Burpee x 20 OYO

Jog down Camelot, right on Dartmouth, and into the bottom of the deck behind the First Citizens Insurance building. Take it to the top. Backwards run the ramps, jog the straights. At the top, 40 merkins and plank to wait for all to finish. Jog back down to the bottom. Backwards run up the ramps, sprint the straights. At the top, 40 star jumps. Plank and wait. Jog to the bottom. YHC had planned for 4 trips up but forgot how long these ramps are, so we did 30 American Hammers and 20 burpees instead.

Jog back to the school up Camelot, lunge walk 50 yards or so. Cross over Rowan and circle up near the entrance to the track for a Tabata set. 45 seconds AMRAP, 15 seconds rest.
*LBC, merkin, flutter, Carolina Dry Dock, box cutter, Peter Parker, Freddy Mercury, wide grip merkin, knee up, diamond merkin.

Jog to the wall of pain beside track steps.
People’s chair x 20
Balls to the wall x 20
People’s chair x 30
Balls to the wall x 30
People’s chair x 40
Burpees x 30

Jog back to parking lot. Done. Labor Day workouts at Zero Hour, Crucible, and Agoge @ 7 sharp. 9/11 stair climb will be held at Crabtree. 5:30 sharp start time, no media please. New Saturday workout starting up at the Art Museum. Tempo bootcamp. Prayers for all on the IR, Season Salt and family, prayers answered for Cherie Berry’s employee who is expected to make a full recovery. Thanks so much for the opportunity to lead. It is always an honor and a privilege. Aye!