31 (YES 31!) PAX came out in the muggy morning gloom at Pullen Park for a stroll through the first public park in North Carolina.  Disclaimer given and away we went…

Hit the stairs to get the legs moving.  Up to top steps (across mini-train tracks) and back Down x 2.

Run to well-manicured grass for Warmup:

SSH x 20 (Denali mumble-chatter begins…)

Imperial Walkers x 20

Good AMs x 20

Mtn Climbers x 20

Windmills x 20

Carolina Dry Docks x 20

Run across the street through campus to Central Prison fence and take on Prisoner Hill:

Sprint to top of Prisoner Hill for 10 Burpees then back down to road for 9 Prisoner Squats, to top for 8 Burpees and back down for 7 Prisoner Squats, etc… Plank when finished.

Recover on the Run back through campus and back across the street into the Park and find the railroad tracks (stopping at various points to Plank and People’s Chair until the fence gives way).  Cross tracks to baseball field.

Lebrons up the cement stadium seats and back down for 5 Derkins.

Lebrons up and back down for 5 Irkins.


Run back to cross train track to Tennis Courts for some speed work.  1/2 group regular suicides while other 1/2 Balls to Wall. Flapjack.  Then 1/2 group suicides with back-pedaling to the start line while other 1/2 did People’s Chair.  Flapjack.

Run around tennis courts down the hill and back up to Picnic Area (after some navigation tips):

Dips x 15

Left/Right Step Ups x 20


Run down to the Bridges on the Pond.  Bear Crawl over 1st bridge.  Starjumps x 10.  Lunge Walk across 2nd bridge.  Squat Hold.

Run back around pond to well manicured grass for a brief Mary.

LBCs x 25



No North Hills workout on Labor Day.  All other Monday workouts will start at 7am.

9/11 Stair Run at Crabtree Mall (by Panera).  5:30am start, so Tecumseh can make it.

Prayers for Lefty and the PAX with new born 2.0s.  Touchy and meaningful words by Tecumseh as he lifted us up and took us out.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead 30 great men.  We covered approximate 3.5 miles (according to new fitbit?).  Either way, it was a strong effort by all.  Hope to see Hootie, Stedman and Ramen back soon!