The gloom today was really, really humid – the 12 pax that got out of bed this morning were already sweating before the warm-up…

Warm-up: run, SSH, mountain climbers, windmills, arm circles, merkins, stretching

4 bear crawls, 2 merkins, repeato across half the soccer field – turn around and walking lunge back (tebow style)

The Escalator – run a lap around the soccer field, 1 exercise, run another lap, do first exercise, add a second, run another lap, do first 2, add a third… you get the drift
Round 1: SSH x15 (cadence)
Round 2: SSH, Mountain Climbers x15 (cadence)
Round 3: SSH, MC, bows/toes planks x15 (cadence)
Round 4: SSH, MC, P, merkins x15 (OYO)

The escalator broke… had to Usain Bolt our way through the next portion – 1 person sprints to half field and back while everyone else does exercises – air squats, merkins, and LBCs

Escalator fixed
Round 5: SSH, MC, P, M, low slow flutter x15 (cadence)

Escalator broke again – gotta take the cakalaky choo choo to half field

Round 6: SSH, MC, P, M, LSF, carolina dry docks x15 (OYO)
Round 7: SSH, MC, P, M, LSF, CDD, burpees x15 (OYO)

Ran out of time for Mary or the rest of the escalator… to be continued?

– Great to have Paparazzi back – still killin it
– Ice Man (the real one… not you Chester), 13 years old – tough guy… T-claps
– Thanks for coming out from Richmond, Mr. Bigglesworth… we look forward to having you back out again
– If interested in the Mud Run, touch base with Adolphus – if you want in on the GoRock, CoCo is your man