YHC arrived at 10 Oval Drive to find Sunshine reading the paper.  YHC’s internal dialogue, ” Man alive is Sunshine a morning person.  Reading the paper before a workout, that’s impressive.”  Turns out Sunshine was beta testing the new start time of 5:45 am for Wolf Run, which begins 8/29/14. #hesready  Lamp arrived with the handcrafted Wolf Run shovel flag fashioned by our own Howard.  A beautiful sight on a Friday morning, or any morning come to mention it!  YHC issued the disclaimer and we were off.

The Thang
Warm up jog from Oval Drive, down Centennial Parkway, with a stop at Blair Drive for:
Air Squats x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20
Recover on the run down to Achievement Drive for:
Merkins x 20

Swing by the soccer field off Achievement Drive for:
I’m up, he sees me, I’m down across the soccer field. (YHC thinks it was a crowd favorite since it was already hot and humid and we got up close and personal with the turf.  As Lamp stated, “Those folks at NCSU sure can grow some nice grass.”
Sprint back
Recover on the run and turn left onto Main Campus Drive.
Stop at the entrance to the Lonnie Poole Golf Course for Quick Feet x 20  #notimefornineholes
Recover on the run.
Pause at the top by the clubhouse to take in the view of the downtown Raleigh skyline and sunrise (obscured by the clouds or was that just the steam rising off of us?).
Air Squats x 20
Merkins x 20

Recover on the run back up Main Campus Drive.
Wide Grip Merkins x 10
Recover on the run.
Diamond Merkins x 10
Recover on the run.
Peter Parkers x 10 at the top of the boat ramp road.
Recover on the run.
High Knees up the stairs of the Hunt Library.
Recover on the run back to The Oval.

Freddie Mercury x 20
LBC x 20
Russian Hammer x 20
Heels to Heaven x 20



  • Prayers for healing for all those on the mend – White Shoe, Larry David, Cornholio, and others.
  • Prayers for healing for Season Salt’s daughters.
  • T-claps to Munson who starts a new gig Monday.
  • Thanks to the PAX for the opportunity to serve. Can say I was there for the last Wolf Run at 6:00 am. Looking forward to 5:45 am going forward.
  • Standing Friday Second F at Ridgewood Wine and Beer at 5:00 pm.  Costco is your Q.
  • 9/1 Labor Day Workout Schedule – NO North Hills or A-Team workouts. Agoge, The Crucible, and Zero Hour at 7:00 am.
  • 9/11 Stair Climb at Crabtree Valley Mall at 5:30 am.
  • 9/13 New workout launch of Whiplash at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  Your Qs are Maize and Johnny Utah.  Start time TBA.
  • The Mule – October 25 is your date for an F3 Raleigh original.  Sign Up