Calling all the men in the Southern Pines/Pinehurst/Aberdeen/Carthage/Ft. Bragg Metro area!  Time to get your workout shoes on and grab your neighbor and meet us for a good old fashioned, stretch your lungs out morning.   We will hit the gloom promptly at 6:30 am with a hard stop at 7:30 am.

Our workouts are designed to challenge all fitness levels.  All ages are encouraged to attend.  This is “you against you”.

Come find out what means to do a merkin, side-straddle hop, dirty mcduece and a superman.

Make sure to bring a dry shirt and join us for coffee near by and a little fellowship.

Plan to arrive at 6:20 am for some pre-workout fellowship.

Downtown Park in Southern Pines will be where we kick this thing off.  Look for the newly minted Sandhills Shovelflag.

F3 has had a major impact on the communities around the Carolinas over the past 3 years.  Let you and the Sandhills be next.

Follow us on twitter.  @f3sandhills  @f3nation

See you in the gloom!

Crotch Rocket

(yep you get a nickname)