4th installment of the #HiFi Quarterly Mile Test was greeted by 20 cheerful PAX as we headed onto the track in the Gloom.  Not to be outdone by the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter (not Uranus Chong-Li),  we decided to put up some good numbers for the mile.

Before we get into the workout and the results, a few T-claps for two that have made great strides through hard work at #HiFidelity and F3-Raleigh.
  • King David has dramatically improved shaving 28 secs off of his Mile time in six months.  He started at 6:18 in February, and posted a 5:46/mile on Tuesday, finishing second of the group.  AYE!  That former running back has some endurance in those legs…
  • Countrywide has not been a regular at HiFidelity (as he says “I hate to run”), but his work at F3 has helped him cut his mile time from 8:15 to 7:30 in 6 months.  Keep up the great work brother and continue to watch the times improve and the running will get easier.
The Thang
  • 2 laps of warm-up jog with high knees, butt-kickers, and two strides sprinkled in.
  • Circle up for Dynamic Stretching – Good Mornings x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Windmills x 20, King David Kicks x 20
  • 400m lap at Race Pace with 2 minute rest
  • 1 mile at Race Pace for time
  • 800m (2 laps) at easy pace.
  • 3 x 200m fast, 200m easy
Results of the Timed Mile are here
## 20
Fastest 0:05:45
Average 0:06:19
.Pax Prior Best 8/19/2014
Myrtle 0:05:55 0:05:45
King David 0:06:01 0:05:46
Denali 0:05:48
Chong-Li 0:05:52
Sunshine 0:05:52 0:05:52
Velvet 0:05:55
Enron 0:05:48 0:05:56
Munson 0:06:00
Fazio 0:06:22 0:06:05
Layover 0:06:12 0:06:12
Fungo 0:06:21
Friar Tuck 0:06:24
Pong 0:06:26
TARP 0:06:26
Money Hose 0:06:40
Suarez 0:06:45
Geddy 0:06:50
Speed Bump 0:06:58
Swirly 0:06:56 0:06:58
Countrywide 0:08:15 0:07:30
Notes and Announcements
  • T-claps to two 2.0s for their appearances in the Gloom – Pong [layover 2.0] and Suarez (FNG) [geddy 2.0] represented well.
  • Mud Run in October – sign up
  • Prayer requests for Season Salt (his daughters) and for Sunshine.