Twenty-two PAX including three FNG converged on a crisp dawn at Fetzer for a Manic Monday beatdown.
* Warmup: SSH, Prisoner Squats, IW, Log Jump, Willie Mays Hays, Arm Circles, Merkins, Parker-Peters, Mountain Climbers.
* Run seven up-aisles of stadium steps, circle up at IM Field for Jack-O-Rama, six variations on the Jumping Jack (or Side Shuffle Hop in F3 parlance), 15 count each: Standard, Split Jacks, Squat Jacks, Plank Jacks, Low-Plank Jacks, Merkin Jacks, followed by five Burpees with five standard Jacks coming out). Two circuits total.
* Line up on side of IM fields, doing five reps of an exercise, sprinting the width of two soccer fields, 10 reps of same exercise, sprinting back, 15 reps of same exercise. Four circuits total with Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Rocky Balboas, Mountain Climbers.
* Split into three groups at Fetzer Field entrance for one circuit 12 count of Dips, Plank Jacks and People’s Chair.
* Walking lunge 1/4 way around track, run 3/4 and convene for Mary: LBCs, Russian Hammers, Hello Dollys, Rosalitas.