Two newbies for a big workout covering some serious distance.  Well done to Flanigan’s and Dauber for making their way out.

Warm Up:  Partnered up and grabbed a rock.  Exercises of SSH, Good Morning, and Fazio Arm Circles on the 1 mile run to the rails.  Rock held over head switching between partners when necessary.

First exercise was partner carry up the hill to the start of the parking lot followed by a run back around to the starting point to switch.  Next exercise was a wheel barrow up the hill and run back to the start to switch again.  The PAX met at the top by the rails for lunge walk down and jog back around to the top.  Last exercise was bear crawl down the rail ramp.

For the jog back, the PAX lined up for an Indian run while passing the rocks along the way.

Mary: Freddy Mercury x30, American Hammer x30