8 men dragged their butts out of the fartsack in an effort to get better today. Big Sky took his first crack at the Q and started the men moving.

Warm Up (Big Sky)
20 SSH
10 Arm Circles
10 Arm Circles (Reverse)
15 Merkins
20 LBCs
15 Mountain Climbers
15 squats

The Thang (DOI)

Mosey to Scroggs Elementary and over to the bus circle. Indian run around the bus circle 3x with the PAX always facing the school which leads to a lot of forwards, backwards and karaoke runs. Once complete head over to the circle in front of the school.

Partner up (and as always size matters) and wheelbarrow around the circle. Each time you switch positions do 5 squats together. Next one partner runs one side of the circle and the other runs the opposite way until they meet up. Once together do (6) six merkin bropees with a high 10 up top. Turn around and run to meet on the other side of the circle for (5) five merkin bropees and so on until down to one.

Next time for a bear hunt. Partner one starts to bear crawl the circle while the other partner runs around the other way until they meet up. The running partner picks up the bear and carries him back to the beginning. Switch. Then do it again. Low squat hold when done. Mosey back/sprint back to the AO.

Mary (Big Sky)

15 WWIIs
20 Heels to Heaven

Prayers for our brothers in blue