12 PAX gathered for a rock n run theme and rock trivia in between rain storms.  1 FNG (actually 2nd post but he needed a new F3 name); welcome Coco Crisp

Warmup:  20 SSH, 10 GM, 20 MCs, 20 IWs.  1 warmup lap

11s- Big loop of parking lot- merkins in one end zone & air squats in the other end zone (1,10,2,9, etc)

Rock Journey-  Each Pax picked a traveling rock and we traveled to 5 stops with rock overhead press, tricep extension and bentover rows as exercises.  5 burpees on arrival at each stop & during OYO rock curls at the end of exercises, rock trivia questions were asked by YHC.  Incorrect answers resulted in 10 burpees OYO by all PAX. At picnic table stop, L-R step-ups boxer style and grinders were rock-free exercises enjoyed.

Trivia questions: What artist(s) sing I Wanna Rock, Rock N Roll Fantasy, Rockin in the Free World?  Which band was recently inducted into Rock N Roll Hall of Fame- Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, .38 special or Nine Inch Nails? Which disciple did Jesus refer to as the rock and “on this rock I will build my church?”  PAX answered 1/5 correct so 65 burpees by all PAX including the burpees on arrival.

Mary- 20 FMs, 20 fire hydrants (side crunches with leg lift), 15 DCs, 20 AHs & plank/low plank

Announcements- Memorial Day convergence, need Qs at many sites

Verse of the Day (provided by YHC): Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my Rock, my fortress and my deliverer.

Prayers- YHC son Aaron needs a procedure for tongue-tie.  YHC took us out in prayer.