8 PAX gathered for a rock journey complete with rock trivia provided by YHC.  No FNGs so no disclaimers & we started by moseying to the rock pile.

Warmup:  20 SSH, 10 GM, 20 IW, 10 Sir Fozio arm circles, 10 seal claps, reverse.  1 warmup lap

11s- Big loop of parking lot- merkins in one end zone & plankjacks in the other end zone (1,10,2,9, etc)

Rock Journey-  Each Pax picked a traveling rock and we traveled to 5 stops with rock squat press, tricep extension and bentover rows as exercises.  During OYO rock curls, rock trivia questions were asked by YHC.  Incorrect answers resulted in 10 burpees OYO by all PAX. At picnic table stop, L-R step-ups boxer style were rock-free.

Trivia questions: What artist(s) sing Rock N Roll All Night, Rock N Roll Fantasy, Rockin in the Free World?  Which band was recently inducted into Rock N Roll Hall of Fame- Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, .38 special or Nine Inch Nails? Which disciple did Jesus refer to as the rock and “on this rock I will build my church?”  PAX answered 4/5 correct.

Mary- 15 WWI situps, 20 FMs, 10 burpees OYO

Announcements- Memorial Day convergence, need Qs

Verse of the Day (provided by YHC): Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my Rock, my fortress and my deliverer.

Prayers- YHC son Aaron needs a procedure for tongue-tie.  YHC took us out in prayer.