13 strong chose DP this morning for the first “non-Carpex-Convergence” (15 posted to DZ for 28 carpexers, awesome!)  Mumblechatter was light and spirits were high.  YHC knew it was going to be a great Friday beatdown, so let’s go!

Warmup:  SSH, Good Morning, Mountain Climbers, Hill Billies

The Thang

Four (large) corners around the athletic park.  Probably 1/2 mile loop.
1.  10 Burpees
2.  20 Merkins
3.  30 Squats
4.  40 Dying Cockroaches

Rock me if you can
– Partner up at the rock pond (I think I just named it)
– P1 take rock and walk one direction doing an exercise
– P2 run the loop the opposite direction to catch p1 then flapjack
– Do this 6 times each (12 total laps)
Exercises were:  Curls, Shoulderpresses, Tricep Exts all OYO

Run back to shelter with a Bear Crawl Bridge

Picnic table sets of 15s, 10s, and 5s
– Derkins / Dips / Urkins (I think…)

Mary was American Hammers while partner sprints loop around playground then flutter kicks

Great morning, great group of guys, and great AO 🙂

Prayers for the Tuna Runners, CDs M recovery, and the runners injured during a hit and run