YHC has been eying a stack of bricks on the side of the school for the last few weeks, plotting the potential beatdown that those bricks could provide. Today was the day for said beatdown.

Three PAX convened early for an EC Murph-inspired session (Pull-Ups, Merkins, Squats with vests) before the rest joined.

The dark morning provided a crystal clear view of the stars, which served to illuminate The Thicket in all its glory.


Warm Up
Imperial Walker
Arm Circles & Reverse

Go get your bricks, one for each hand …

Lateral and Front Brick Raises
Overhead Brick Press
Rapid Brick Curls
Brick Merkins

Let’s go …


The Thang
Run up into BC with your bricks, stopping along the way for Brick Merkins, Brick Squats, Brick Burpees, Brick Reverse Planks, and Brick Peter Parkers.

In-cadence (40+) Bear Crawl to the top of the hill, run back down. Lunge Walk to the top, run back down.

Put all the bricks at the top of the hill. Split up into two groups. One group sprints to the top and back, grabbing one brick at the a time, while the other group does Squats and Mountain Climbers. Then rotate.

Head back to the starting point, stopping along the way for Brick Merkins, Brick Squats, Brick Parker Peters, Rapid Brick Curls, Brick Plank Circle, Rapid Reverse Brick Curls, Brick Staggered Merkins, etc.

Finish up with brief Mary of Brick LBCs and Brick Hammers.


“A great building will never stand if you neglect the small bricks.”

Heavy on the symbolism today. The bricks serve as an easy metaphor for the foundation F3 provides for each day and for the betterment of our lives.

Also, 2nd F charitable project brainstorming is underway, headlined by Habitat. Soup kitchen and food bank ideas also entertained.