17 Pax descended on Carroll Middle for a Catalyst session. YHC, having watched the 30 on 30 documentary on Ric Flair was pumped and ready to go.
A few warmups with Sir Fazio arm circles, SSH, standard merkins, plank series and world’s greatest stretch. A new stretch that hopefully makes its way into the Q’s repertoire…arms extend out to the sides to open the chest and turn a slow 360, just like the Nature Boy. Optional “Whooo”…

3 Pax (Gnard, Cinderella and Epoxy) went on a badass non running workout with kettlebells. Also Gnard brought his staple speaker system with an array of music. Mostly 80’s from what was pumping.

Remaining 14 Pax paired off and grabbed a funbag. Top of the parking lot and between 2 speed bumps (about 40 yards). P1 lunge walk with fb, p2 runs to end and back. Switch until the fb makes it to the other side. P1 moves into low plank hold with fb on back, hold while p2 runs back to far end and back…switch.

One the blood was moving we moved to the stairs. P1 throws the fb on the shoulder and goes up and down, while p2 runs a lap down the stairs, up the access ramp and back. Tag out and repeato x 5. Was supposed to be done, but Mr. Crabs threw some stank about that being all, so one more round.

Move down to the basketball court for a 3 rounds of:
P1 frog hops with fb, p2 runs to the end and tags out. Down and back.
10 manmakers
P1 arm curl fb on the move, p2 runs to the end and tags out. Two laps.
10 manmakers

TB wanted to stretch out the legs and have a nice run so a 7 line suicide was tossed in.

Circle up for merry:

WWII situps 3 ways: legs spread wide, heels to butt and standard. 10 of each. Last was the American hammer x 25. done…

YHC gave some insight into the life of the Nature Boy. A fierce competitor and game changer to the world of wrestling. Icon for people and a bad guy you loved to hate. The other side was a tortured soul and a non-existent father. A focus on what is important in life and being a man in this world. Although he had two kick ass phrases:

“Rolex wearin, diamond ring wearin, kiss stealin, wheelin dealin, limousine ridin, jet flyin, son of a gun!”  

“To be the man, you have to beat the man!”

Announcement on the Christmas party at Little City Brewing, Haven House dinner too.  Go to the F3 Raleigh site and click the links to make a donation to each.  A little goes a long way.

Prayers for family and friends made by Cinderella, Mr. Crabs, Rice Krispies and Dutch Boy.

Cinderella circled us up and sent the prayers up.  Great work to all.