5 pax arrived on the 8th floor of the parking deck ready to see what YHC had to dish out for this morning’s downPAINment.

Warm up:
Arm circles
Jog to first, er, second pole and back
High knees to third pole, jog back
Karaoke to fourth pole and back

Mosey on down to YHC’s car to pick up….the shafts (and there was much rejoicing), and then mosey on up to the top level…
Two men run to the corkscrew with shafts, do 10 rows/10 curls until next man comes
Next man goes to the corkscrew with another shaft, rest at the top doing 10 merkins/10 Peter Parkers/ 10 tuck jumps
Man at the bottom runs to the top with the shaft, hands off to the next guy
Repeato until all have run

To the corkscrew…
One man does two shaft press
One man does Russian hammers
Rest sprint to the next level up and back


– Was planning to do a burpee penalty based on the number of reps of two shaft overhead press (most reps in the group – least = burpees), but ran out of time
– Thursday AM workout is in the works…Floyd is running some recon this morning on a site.