18 PAX attacked the 2.1 miles of fire (and a little extra credit) in solid form.

Warm-up: 20x SSH, 20x good mornings, 20x imperial walkers, 20x mountain climbers

Tha thang: along the way stops included: 20x merkin, 20x ski abs, 20x diamond merkin, 20 sec 6″ leg holds into 20x flutter kicks, 20x merkin, 20x ski abs, 20x wide grip merkins, 20x diamond merkins, 20 sec 6″ legholds into 30x LBCs to people’s chair pyramid: Modified (hi intensity) Derkins 10x, people’s chair 20 sec, Modified Derkins 15x, people’s chair 20 sec + PAX ten count, Modified Derkins 20x, people’s chair 30 sec + PAX ten count. 6″ leg hold to 10x diamond merkin, 10x diamond merkin. Ring of fire completed.

On to 5 MoM: 20x Freddie Mercury, 20x Reverse LBC, 75x Side to side abs.

COT: prayers for Steriod’s wife, Dufresne, Money’s Hose’s Uncle, Plebe, and FD’s wife.

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