SSH x25
Imperial Walkers x20
Good Morning x15
Windmills x15
5 Burpees OYO

The Thang:
Run to and up first ramp
Prisoner squats x20
Carioke the flat
Run up the ramp
Prisoner squats x20

Run to Belk wall
People’s Chair, 5 count by all pax
1’s run to opposite wall, 2’s BTW, flapjack x4

Run to flat area in front of restaurants
Partner up
Partner carry out, run back

Down escalators
With partner, 5 Hand-release Merkin Chase up hill to stairs leading to apartment complex

Continue up hill and back down to sloped drive
Indian Bearcrawl to top (Flush really liked this!)

Run back to start for Mary, led by a series of pax

Announcements included a summary of July 4 post options (5:45 Fletcher Park, 7:00 Pullen) and Speed Golf on Saturday, July 14

Prayer requests included a mother-in-law with recurrence of breast cancer

It was good for YHC to see visitor from Greensboro 3for1 out for a second time this week and learn that he posted Dawn Patrol in between. His minimalistic footwear was a topic of conversation post-workout, shoulda posted a pic on Twitter!