With cooler weather YHC was excited to try a new exercise with the PAX, PNG pulled up we hit the pavement at 5:30.

Warm up: Jogging butt kickers, solider kicks, High knees, slides to right and left

Mosey to Planet Fitness parking lot, since Labrat wasn’t here we didn’t do any monkey humpers.

Lunge Laps: walking lunge 1st side, mosey to next corner, walking lunges to 3rd corner, mosey

walking lunge 1st side, mosey to the left, walking lunges, mosey to right

walking lunge 1st side, mosey backward, walking lunge, mosey backward

PAX run through death valley and top of Timber Hill, 20 squats in cadence

PAX run back to Parking lot to Wells Fargo ATM.

SHOW ME THE MONEY (Inspired by Tom Cruise)

No rest between exercises: 10 tuck jumps (like your jumping on Oprah’s coach), 10 Merkins, 10 Jumping Lunges.

Jog 100 yards in parking lot and rinse and repeat x4

PAX mosey back to the flag with PNG calling the surprise Jailbreak and killing it to the flag.

5 minutes of Mary no breaks:

In cadence: x20 American Hammer, x20 WWI, x10 Box cutters, x20 Freddy Mercury, Plank-a-rama (regular, chill cut, L/R arm up, L/R leg up), recover.

BOM/COT: PNG prayers for job interviews and possible promotion, Stretch: Prayers for new teaching endeavor possibility, Prayers for Labrat and job situation, Crab Legs, PAX.

Announcements: F3 Benson Starting July 21st!  7 AM P.K. Vyas Park Benson NC. YHC with the Q!