It was a beautiful morning for 6 dudes who showed up to enjoy the morning. No glorious sunrise was expected, but that’s OK because YHC’s yellow kicks were in full effect – batteries fully charged over the weekend!

We only had 1 newcomer to BroGa, which as a reminder is a recovery run-based workout with some stretching mixed in there. YHC has attended 3 times and has never felt better! Stretching is good – who knew?! Anyway, our newcomer, Marley, is an experienced F3 brother so with a very minimal disclaimer, we got to work.

Downward Dog
Downward Dog

The Thang

Jog around museum to the terrace.

  • Good mornings x15
  • Walk out to plank
  • Downward Dog
  • Plank Jacks x15
  • Worlds Greatest Stretch left/right
  • Downward Dog
  • Merkins x15

Jog outer loop counter-clockwise to the dojo.

  • Left leg up on the bar; hamstring stretch
  • Alternating hamstring stretch/reach to the sky/hang done to right foot.
  • Switch legs, Repeat-O.
  • Crouching Crab (inner thigh stretch)
  • Downward Dog.

Jog back to the path, continue counter-clockwise around the dojo, around the pond, through the amphitheater, continuing past the terrace and to the circle.

  • On your six for runners stretch.
  • Lean forward for hamstrings, then back for quadriceps. Cross one leg over the other (Hollywood stretch), rotate torso and stretch out the back.
  • Switch legs; Repeat-O.
  • Sit on your heels, leaning back to stretch the shins and ankles. Lean forward into fat baby pose 😎 Repeat-O. (OK technically it’s called “Balasana”, Child’s Pose)…
  • Return up into cat pose. Alternate with cow pose x2.




  • N/A



  • July 4th convergence workouts.

Prayer Requests

  • None

YHC took us out with brief prayer. Zima and Geddy took the traditional BroGa victory lap (1 mile post-workout extra credit).