A little music on a July morn always makes things better (in my opinion).  So I brought out the tunes, some new, some old, but all painful and fun.  The pax did a great job catering to my childishness and VHS even did some dancing to make it entertaining.

WARMUP – ssh x 10, 10 burpees oyo


Flag run around the greenway to Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue, and God Bless the U.S.A.

Ridin’ Dirty – partner carry to the end of the lot, 5 burpees and flapjack.  Repeat.

Brass Monkey (humpers) – squats during verses, humping during the chorus.

Rolex – 2 merkins, roll to the right, 5 plank jacks, roll to the left.  Repeat.

Rockstar – various rock exercises to a tune that does NOT encourage healthy behavior.

Turn Down for What – high knees until you hear the words and do a burpee when you do.  Always a winner.

Sideways – defensive slide to the right, sumo squat jump, defensive slide to the left.  Repeat.

300 Violin Orchestra – Burpees OYO.

Whatever It Takes – Freddy Mercuries during verses, WW2 during chorus.

Thunderstruck – (A classic – Thunder Merkins) – plank until “thunder” or “thunderstruck” and merkin.  Horrible every time.

ANNOUNCEMENTS –  Tinkertoy and Marmalade making a run to the Man Camp tomorrow morning.  Come out for some workin’ good fun.

PRAYER REQUESTS – Mayhem’s M, mom and dad both died within 28 days of one another.  Pygmy’s mom missing dad.  Butthead’s wife going back to work.

YHC shared that I love America and I’m so thankful to be in this country.  We have amazing freedoms that others don’t get to enjoy and I did nothing to be born here – God is good!  Mentioned that I’m reminded this week that while I enjoy the USA, it’s not my home.  Thanks to Jesus payment for my sins, I look forward to being at HOME with Him one day.  Encouraged the pax to make the most of our days here and to be a blessing to others however we can.