Warm up:

Mosey around park

SSH x50


  • Plank at backstop
  • Sears bar burpee AMRAP
  • Plank
  • Zercher squat with PVC pipe AMRAP
  • Plank
  • 50 lb. KB swing AMRAP
  • 35 lb. KB clean and press AMRAP
  • Plank
  • Bench Press 135 x10
  • Run up hill for burpees x5
  • 120 yd. sprint to backstop
  • Tire flip x2

Repeato x4

Lap around the park at an uncomfortable pace.



  • Bench press.  In the middle of a public park.  At 5:55 in the AM.  Lookin’ at the passers-by like they’re the ones out of place.  Strong, brothers, strong.
  • If silence is the measure of a good day in the gloom (it is), then this was a good day in the gloom.  Little to no mumblechatter.  Only the sound of iron striking iron.
  • Several double downers from this morning’s GORUCK Challenge training session.  Maize will be glad to learn that Hooch is now a member of the team, so YHC can modify his “all time Maize” partner carry strategy for the upcoming challenge to “all time Maize and/or Hooch” partner carry strategy.
  • For HM uninitiated, all of the gear used during the workouts is stored in Money Hose’s basement.  It’s a delicate situation, at best.  The trick is to extract and replace the gear without making a sound, because sound = death to all.  So here’s a special thanks to you, “Mr. Prop-the-70 lb.-PVC-Pipe-Against-The-Wall-With-No-Support-Guy” (I’m looking at you Cinderella), for that special little moment of terror experienced by YHC and Mr. Hose upon realizing said PVC pipe was sliding down the wall and making a beeline for the gas pipe that feeds the open-flame furnace in his basement.  Nothin’ to see here, boys, nothin’ to see.
  • Lots of stuff going on in Raleigh these days.  Check The Twitter, The Facebook, The LinkedIn, or The Website for details.
  • Kudos to Hooch for launching us out into the day through a communal conversation with our Father.