VSF planted for the PAX of 17 at the week’s Dawn Patrol. Another PAX member takes a maiden voyage as the Q. What do you get when you cross a minister, a banker, a soldier and a lawyer? An F3 workout of course….

The Thang:

Warm Up: Parking Lot Jog, SSHX15, Mountain ClimbersX15, Spiderman MerkinsX15, Good MorningsX15

Bear Crawl the length of both basketball courts, plank set, crab walk back, squat hold

Indian Run down Glen Eden (in the road) to Blue Ridge Road….run to Glen Eden Pilot Park (yes, that one)

100 Squats & 100 Merkins OYO

Flartlek run back up Glen Eden to Blue Ridge Road….run back to Laurel Hills Park

FluttersX25, ScissorsX25, Hammers X 20 and something else.

COT with prayer by Slash


– T-claps to Bristol for stepping up and leading the PAX on quite a tour, almost made it ITB! Looking forward to seeing others take the plunge as well.

-Great to see Howard at Dawn Patrol this morning, the gloom of late has lead YHC to be less aware of who is present when we gather. Ready for warmer mornings, even if it’s only for a couple of days.

-Big Saturday this weekend: 2 regular sites, plus the opportunity to experience something special with The Ram in CH/Durham as well as F3 Dads at Fletcher (9:15am). If you are around and able, take advantage.

-3rdF Dinner next Tuesday, March 25th: Sign Up!

-Denali is the Q at Flood Zone in the morning, come support our new F3 transplant. The Wolf Run is adding miles & Late Night is official so guys can really show up now…..unlimited possibilities.

-Thanks to the caring drivers providing courtesy beeps honks as they drove by this morning. So appreciative they did not seem annoyed.

-If you do not get the F3 Raleigh newsletter, click here: http://f3nation.us7.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=ee80d1b89eec41a3a9a762809&id=01b410330c

-Pay for your spot on the bus by tomorrow for the USMC Mud Run April 12th, clown car approach is not an option. Sign up for the GoRuck Challenge May 3rd……you still have 2 weeks to HC and you know who to see.