Thanks to the seven, dedicated PAX who came out in a steady rain this morning. The rain did let up, but it was raining hardest when we all had to get out of bed and out the door, but these 8 men overcame the pull of a warm, dry bed, to subject themselves to an old fashioned, no frills Vortex beatdown. I almost violated the rule of “If you can’t do it, don’t Q it”…but I managed to squeak by, thanks to being pushed by the PAX.



SSH x 20
Imperial Walker x 15
Windmill x 15
Willie Mays Hays x 10
Carolina Dry Docks x 15

The Thang

PAX sprinted a lap around both fields and did 20 burpees upon completion. PAX then circled up and completed the following, single count in unison:

45 merkins
40 squats
35 merkins
30 squats
25 merkins
20 squats
15 merkins
10 squats

All of the above was a warm up for the four corners that was next. Each PAX was instructed to choose a partner close to their speed. The first partner to arrive at each corner was to low hold squat until their partner arrived, so they could then complete the exercises together.

Round 1

1st corner: bear crawl – 20 tuck jumps
2nd corner: sprint – 20 dry docks
3rd corner: crab walk – 20 jump lunges
4th corner: backwards run – 20 burpees

Round 2
• 1st corner: gorilla walk – 15 tuck jumps
• 2nd corner: sprint – 15 dry docks
• 3rd corner: travelling burpees – 15 jump lunges
• Backwards run – 15 burpees

Before going into 5 minutes of mary, PAX went head to head in a bear crawl race. Race was to the 18 and back, winner (Assisi) earned the right to call the first mary exercise.


Called by Assisi, ring of fire planks. 15 count low hold, 15 count regular, all the way around.

Called by Bushwood, a crap-ton of flutter kicks. Sticking with the rink of fire theme, 10 (or was it 15?) cadence count by each man in the circle.

Last but not least, CoCo took us out with Peter Parkers.

Thanks for the honor!