Ahh, perfect weather. Thunder rolling in the distance. A light rain falling. The ground saturated. Conditions so nice, Nessman and Tuck arrived early for a stroll around the lake with their bookbags. The regular suspects showed up. As did a couple of site virgins. Looks like a great day for a park tour. Welcome to True Grit.

As we start up the hill, “on your left is Country Wide arriving on two wheels.” The big diesel drifts into the lower lot like a scene from Fast & The Furious 18. We stopped on the dam to take in the views. Well, while we’re here…Squats for Country Wide x20. With CW caught up, we continued to the top parking lot. Circle up.

Warm Up
Diamond Merkins  x10
Plank Jacks  x20
Imperial Walkers  x15
Windmills  x15

Four Corner 11s
“Here you’ll see a parking lot with four corners. One here. One over there in the dark. Another way back there. And one over there by the dumpsters. Let’s start with the first one.”
1st corner: 1 Burpee and 10 Star Jumps
Sprint to next corner, 2/9, sprint, 3/8, etc…
Gather back in the center with plank work till all return
Dying Cockroaches  x15
Carolina Dry Docks  x15
I think you’ve all seen enough of this section. Follow me. Fast pace down to the bridge. “On your right you’ll see the Sertoma Arts Center where you can do pottery with the local cougars. And just ahead, in the center of the path. Pole!”

Bridge Work
Round 1:
Bear Crawl halfway, Sprint to the end, 5 Burpees, Squat Hold
Bear Crawl halfway, Sprint back to the start, 5 Burpees, Squato
Round 2:
Group 1 – Sprint bridge, 5 Hand Release Merkins, return
Group 2 – Repeat LBCs x10, Hammers x10, flapjack
Round 3:
Group 1 – Sprint bridge, 10 Hand Release Merkins, return
Group 2 – Repeat Merkins x10, Mtn Climbers x10, flapjack

Fast pace run to dam and along the top… “Here, you’ll find the official True Grit souvenirs scattered about. You’re welcome to pick one up and put it in your pocket. They’re free. Of course, they’ll also  stick to your shoes, so you’ll go home with some anyway.” Continue tour to the pull-up bars, and circle up. Nipplers x20 while the group gathers.

Mary w/ a side of Pull-ups
Well, every good tour ends in the gift shop. And this is ours.
Two Pax call an exercise, then run over to the bars and do 10 pull-ups each.
Exercises included Sumo Squat Jumps, Peter Parkers, Freddie Mercuries, WWIIs, Monkey Humpers, Homer to Marge, and one more thing I can’t recall.
With an odd number, YHC went last on the bar and the Pax did the exercise they called to finish us out.

Announcements: Arena every Friday, Healing Place Dinner 5/17, F3 Dads 5/21, Haven House Cornhole Tourney 5/22, Q School coming soon too. More info on the F3 Raleigh homepage.
Country Wide closed us out.
Fellowship pace back to parking lot.

MacGruber refused to jump. Bad time of the month.

Peace be with you