The weather gods saw fit to bless us with some cool, wet weather this morning. We pax saw fit to add our own rain into the mix:

Warm Up: SSHx20, Good Morning x10, Sir Fazios x10 each direction

The Thang:

  • 2-Handed Swing x15, Slingshot x10 each direction, Figure-8 x10 each direction, Sumo High Pull x15, Single Arm Snatch x10 each arm (dont google that one), Curls x15, Tri-Extension x10,
  • Recover on the run down to the track, complete one lap, then back to the kettle bells for more fun.
  • 2-Handed Swing x15, Figure-8 to Palm x10 each side, Sumo High Pull x10, Single Arm Clean & Press x10 each side, Curls x10,
  • Recover on the run to The Wall for some People’s Chair. 15 count down the line, drop 6 inches, 10 count down the line, run back to the KBs
  • 2-Handed Swing x10, KB Merkin x10 each side, Single Arm KB Press (on your back) x10 each side, KBLBC x20, Flutter with KB Overhead x20, Starfish American Hammer x20 each direction (Pax sit in a circle, backs facing in, and pass the kettle bell in one direction in the Hammer motion, switching directions at the 20 count).


  • Got a buddy who you think would enjoy The Blitz? Bring them out. Don’t think they would enjoy The Blitz? Definitely bring them out.
  • Ruck workout, Quickhatch, at Brier Creek on Saturdays, 0615.

Side Note: First time this Q has ever been to a workout where everyone was under the age of 31 years. I think you old guys are scared. #DontFearTheKettleBell