15 PAX rolled out in the gloom.  It was cloudy.  It rained.


Run to parking lot near tennis courts.  Circle up.

  • SSH X25
  • Nipler X25
  • Good Mornings X15
  • Std Merkin X15
  • Imperial Walker X25
  • Plank Jacks X25
  • Sir Fazio (forward) X12
  • Mountain Climber X25
  • Sir Fazio (backward) X12

Run one lap around oval parking lot forward, run one lap around oval backward.  Head down to bottom of sisyphus.

QIC announced good news: we wont’ be running back up sisyphus.  QIC announced bad news:  we are going back up sisyphus.  PAX made way up via 5-sets of exercises:  bear crawl, crab walk, duck walk, lung walk (X25), gazelle leaps (X25).  First three were done as long as PAX could go, then proceeded to next exercise.  REPEATO until top of sysaphys.  At top 10 merkins run lap around oval.  Repeat until all finished.

Mosey to tennis courts for diamonds.  Run in shape of a diamond on tennis courts and at each “base” perform one exercise.  When get back to home plate PAX sprinkled in people’s chair and balls to wall while all PAX finished.

  • Sumo squat, flutter kick, makhtar n’diaye – 25 each
  • Low slow squat, dying cock roach, wide grip merkins – 25 each
  • Air squats, box cutters, diamond merkins – 25 each

Mosey to picnic shelters as it began to rain and rain hard, so QIC brought some more rain in the picnic shelters:

  • incline merkins X15, 20 alternating step ups (OYO), 15 durkins
  • income merkins X10, 10 alternating step ups (OYO), 10 durkins
  • incline merkins X5, durkins X5

Mary:  Boat Canoe


  • Turkey Trot on Thanksigiving Day – Ridgewood Shopping Center
  • Thanksgiving Day convergence – 7:00am at Dawn Patrol.  No other workouts.  In the words of Costco – “it will be on a Thursday”
  • Friar Tuck and Grady starting a Monday 12:00 3rd F opportunity at Sola Cafe – walking through book on John – FNG friendly