If you next thought, is I am IN! Then you might be an F3’er.  If you are not one of the PAX, then you need to find a workout….

Leading up to this event you get to learn what CSAUP is.  As you explain to non-PAX what you are doing on a Saturday morning at 0300 when it is 22 degrees, and they listen politely and ask, “Why?” You realize your only response is, “Why not?” If you have encountered this before, you are probably about to embark on a CSAUP event.

One of the great things about F3, is that the PAX pushes the PAX. We set goals and achieve them, or pay the price.

The Thang:

0300 – PAX gather with Rucks, and the three little pigs, our pet name for the logs that will be our friends for the next 3 hours and 45 minutes. We have one last minute post, Floppy Disk shows up ready to go, despite throwing out his back last week… Solid.

0303 After disclaimer, Floppy Disk get the first Flash Q. Instructions is to lead a workout until 0325 and gather at the pavillion.

Rucks off

SSH x 20

Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10, reverso

Good Morning x 15

Merkins x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Air Squats x 20

Log relay – Two to a pig.  One group run the length of the soccer field and back with logs, other group, merkins. Flap Jack.

Repeato with LBC in place of merkins.

Additional Painment as Q prepped for the morning.

0325 – Rucks on and gather at the pavilion. Chem lights to all for back of rucks. Line up and run around the lax goals… On return each PAX receives a packet.  With a letter on it.

Instructions: Each packet has instructions, distance and heading, time goals to reach objective and clue about the objective.  Compass, ruler, drawing compass provided with map to help reach time check point.

Most importantly, there is a penalty for not achieving the stated time point check.

0325 – Stage one Q – Subprime

Local knowledge is critical.  Subprime has none in the AO. After a couple minutes, we have our bearing and head out with the three little pigs. 0331 Off to get a little boost from a “pill”. Time point check 0350.

0350 – Still looking for the check point. About 0.5 miles to go. Penalty – One PAX bear crawling the remainder of the distance. After a bit, the PAX determine that bear crawling is slow, and if we don’t get to the time check point, the suck fest will be 10 fold.  With location ID’ed, off to Triangle U to get our little blue blue pill (aka a rock). Teamwork comes through early. Six PAX take to logs, four PAX take the shovel flag  and create a double time bear crawl relay. Time point one reached.

0400 – Stage two Q – Ventura -With our rocks in our rucks, time to get our rocks off… A little dancing to lighten the mood… Next check point, Capital Cabaret. 0425. Time penalty – 10 Burpees with Rucks on. Off we go, with optimism of 25 minutes and just over a mile as the crow flies. We are not crows. 0425 – time for 10 Burpees. 0430 – At time check point (they were closed – BTW) Got the rocks off our back.

0430 – Stage three Q – Birenstock – One man down. Need to navigate previous Q (Venture) to airport for evac. Must carry Ventura 0.75 miles by 0445. PAX recall that penalty suck. Next one is huge suck, if we miss. Let’s not miss this goal. Double time. Logs and Ventura to airport. 0442. Goal achieved.

0443 – Stage Four Q – Bob Ross – Take the Pigs to the Barn. Move the pigs to the Angus Barn and stash them. Time point 0510. Achieved. Good work. Floppy disk announces that we just completed 10,000 steps for the day hald way to the check point.  It isn’t 0500 yet.

0510 – Stage five Q – Van der Beek – Next goal is some R and R at the Umstead (Park). 0525. Achieved.  Without the pigs, the Pax feel like the weight of the world is gone. Jokes and mumble chatter to the check point.

0525 – Stage Six Q – Amtrak – Flash Q –  20 Minutes at the mercy of Amtrak.


Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 15, reverso

SSH x 20

Merkins x 15

Squats x 20

Mountian climbers x 15

Split the PAX in 2

One group sprint to park hours, other group LBC


One group sprint to park hours, other group merkins


Bear crawl to pets on leash, karaoke to park hours, back pedal home.

LBC’s x 20

Amercian hammers x 25

A little foot care, fuel, and water. Rucks on. 24 degrees….

0545 – Stage Seven Q – Kayne – Get the Pigs. Time check point 0555. Penalty 40 air squats (really 80). Missed it by 1 minute.

0556 – Stage Seven Q – Spurrier – Get the pigs home. Four plus miles and 50 minutes. Double time the hills. Dodge the rider trucks. The song, don’t forget to sing!

0645 – Nailed it. No one complained about to little log time.

3:45 minutes – 9.42 miles.

Here is the course



These guys came together.  The PAX pulled through and made some tough time points. Hauling logs 4 miles in 50 minutes. We all gained a respect for the fat pig on the ruck (you know what I am talking about). Also, carrying a casualty is harder than you think. All, but two rolled into the The Weekend Crick for another hour of pain.  One posted to Pullen. Total workout 5 hours by 0800 and 11.5 miles with The Weekend Crick. We will all carry a little something on our back for our fellow PAX when we ruck. Excellent work by all. No weak link in this group.

To put it simply, iron sharpens, iron.

YHC took us out.

That is all.