After a good amount of Twitter banter regarding YHC’s improv skills, YHC thought for a very brief moment about planning out a workout, & quickly decided against.  As YHC arrived to the AO the fog was thick as it would likely be our last 50 plus degree morning for quite some time.  With 21 PAX in place, YHC gave his standard intro/waiver and the work began.

The Thang:

Jog around the back side of NH back up to the lot by Office Max & circle up for some warm ups;  good mornings x 15, imperial walkers x 15, Fazio’s F/R x 15, SSH x 20.  Jog through the NSB drive thru to the main light and cross Six Forks together, down the hill, right on St. Alban’s past the HT and gather a the bottom of the new deck across from Piola.

Interval work to the top, karaoke, backwards, or all you got, with an exercise at each flat x 10, probably 8 to 10 switch backs to get to the top, quick pace, no rest.  Peoples chair on the top deck guard rail for a good 2 minutes, sink low arms up.  Run back to the bottom & plank it out for PAX, plank-o-rama for another solid 2 minutes.

R&R up towards CapTrust, find a spot on the fountain for 3 rounds of dips, L/R step ups, & irkins. At some point during the work several from the IR PAX bear crawled their way to join us for the last round.  With a quick farewell we were off back towards our starting point.

After a short plank at the light we took a jog past the Sad Clown Station and to a wall across from the Renaissance for BTW 5 count through, back to the jog across the top of the back deck to the wall by JC Penny’s for another round of peoples chair.  To finish things out we made our way to the lot for our final COP.

Mary: LBC Pyramid to 30 & Back


The Skin

Great work by all, though Deliverance may have pulled a muscle?  21 seemed more manageable than the 35 PAX that have been flowing into the Jungle.  Great place to improvise, plenty of choices for different work.  Need to try to post BB sooner than 5 days after.


Announcements: Ethanol moving to Crabtree 5:30am with Deliverance as one of the site Q’s, LD is taking applications for new co-Q at UJ.  The Arena is going to be starting another Friday afternoon workout likely on the 2nd Friday of the month, the clients will be given an option to go to class or come workout with F3, likely to be a crowed house, we will need volunteers, be on the lookout for a pre-blast and if your interested in signing up go to the schedule and click on Duff/Countrywide and just do it!

YHC reminded the PAX that we have been chosen by God, whether you heard in the gloom or your reading here, that means God chose you to hear.  That God sent his son to take the nails you & I deserve, & that with out any work on our part he justifies us by our simple willingness to accept, believe, & confess, that once done we can never be snatched from His hand.  It is a blessing beyond words, & as always YHC recommends if you don’t know what all this means that you ask one of your F3 brothers who does.  The time is now, His peace is waiting for you, are you ready to receive it?

CW Out!