Twenty-five PAX gathered in the gloomiest of the November gloom at 0545 Monday, jogged to the Navy Field football practice complex and found a Vicious Circle arrayed by YHC and partners in crime, Adophus and Coco.

Twenty five stations were set up in the circle, the anchor being the dip bar and pull-up bar mounted to the equipment shed in the corner of the grass field. Each of the PAX took a station and worked his craft as long as it took the bell cow to execute 20 dips. Then we moved around in a clockwise fashion until everyone made a full revolution.

Among the stations: dips, pull-ups, assist to the pull-ups, merkins, merkins, overhead tricep press w/25 pound dumbell, LBCs, more overhead tricep presses w/25 pound dumbell, shoulder flys w/15 pound dumbell, merkins, curl-and-press w/20 pound dumbells, squats w/cement-filled pipe, wide-grip merkins, Carolina dry docks, WWII sit-ups, bicep curls w/50 pound barbell, assist to bicep curls, reverse lunge w/cement-filled pipe, right-hand row w/30 pound dumbell, left-hand row w/30 pound dumbell, derkins, and a couple others YHC has forgotten.

Halfway through the proceedings, a cold November rain began falling, adding to the festivities and making the homestretch of a bear crawl across the field hockey field, walking lunges back and 22 double-merkin burpees all the more rousing. We tied a bow on the end with Six Minutes of Mary: LBCs, Hello Dolly, Russian Hammer, Parker Peter, Freddie Mercury, Low Plank Hold.

It was great to see Lo Pair hanging in with everyone and of course well out front in the Bear Crawl.