13 pax / warriors braved a steady rain for this week’s Heavy Metal.  Now this is how I imagine army boot camp would be (at least from movies I’ve seen): cool morning, 4 straight days of rain had sufficiently muddied a field that was apparently aerated yesterday contributing to the mess, and then 45 minutes of steady rain during the workout. Sorry for the lack of originality on the title, but that’s what it was…Rain and Mud!  Other things were normal though as Money Hose rocked the tennis shirt joined by Pep Boy.  The space shuttle material was probably helpful this morning given the rain.

muddy field

Fungo had originally asked if the “O-Line” (Poster Boy and Epoxy) wanted to Q…self-proclaimed the O-Line in past weeks while paired together and noting that O-Linemen (yes it’s a size thing) don’t typically do the same workouts as the receivers / RB’s (Fungo and others that were paired together and dusting us).  Anyway, with PB unavailable, Mr. Rogers played the part and co-Q’d.  By the way Fungo, way to pull a 7am “conference call” out of your —— knowing it was going to rain.  We missed you.  We wondered how you knew the extended forecast so well a week ago ago when you asked us to Q.

The Thang

Mr. Rogers led an abbreviated warm-up of:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, and Fazio Arm circles so we could get to the fun.

Epoxy introduced the 10 stations below.  Pax either partnered or hit one of the stations alone for 2 minute rotations.  At each station, perform required reps with gear while partner does an exercise chosen by the partner performing the gear work then switch repeatedly until time expires.  If alone, do gear reps and then exercise of choice, gear work, exercise, etc.  After 2 minutes, rotate to the next station.  Sounds more confusing than it was at least IMO.  Dealer’s choice exercises were to include some Mary as rotations went until 6:45.  Stations:

1) Mama Junk flips – either partner to partner or with your partner

2) Large kettle bells swings x 10 / dealer’s choice exercise

3) Zercher squats with sand pipe x 10 / dealer’s choice exercise

4) Frankenstein lift / hold with 45lb plate x 10 / dealer’s choice exercise – thought these lifts would be easier than tricep extensions overhead due to rain / bulkiness of plate / worry about smashing our heads, but I was wrong.  These were harder than I thought and I apologize.  I resorted to tricep extensions myself.

5) Olympic bar curls x 10 / dealer’s choice exercise

6) Medicine ball tosses with partner.  Was supposed to be over backstop but then a large sign advertising Money Hose’s weekend party in the park draped our backstop.  Just throw in the air as high as you can.

7) Man makers or Scotty Bobs x 5 / dealer’s choice exercise

8) Curtis P with Sears bar x 5 / dealer’s choice exercise – with rain, CP ended up being a little dicey, thanks again for the disclaimer

9) Lawn mowers with small kettle bell 5 x R / 5 x L, dealer’s choice exercise

10) Overhead press with 45lb plate / dealer’s choice exercise

Made it through one full rotation plus 4-5 more stations so good work everyone.  Ended with merkins on Epoxy’s call with holds at the bottom for desired time / counts.


Prayers for Money Hose’s uncle who is battling recently diagnosed lymphoma.  Seems like there was one other but I’ve forgotten.  Closing prayer by Howard.

-Happy hour tonight at WOB North Hills 7:30

-New workout at Crabtree starting 10/18 at 5:30.  Meeting outside Panera in the back of mall.  Extra credit (pain?) at 5:15 (whatever that means).

Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything….too focused on getting packed for the flight to the Big Easy after lunch!

Epoxy, out