Nine PAX arrived for another well-oiled edition of F3 Ball Bearings.  And we begin:

Jog to the stone circle for warm ups: SSH x 30, imperial walkers x 30, Sir Fazio arm circles x 20, windmills x 20.

Jog to the newly reopened upper field for 360s:

Continuous sprint of full length soccer field, down, back and down again.  Total of 360 yards each.  Repeat four times.  Each 360 followed by one set of 25 count Mary.  Mary exercises included: hello dolly, heels to heaven, LBCs, rosalitas.

Jog back to stone circle, get on the wall:

10 jump ups, 20 dips, 20 single leg piston squats, 20 incline merkins.  Repeat four times, adding a clap to the incline merkins.

Mosey to picnic shelter for Hard Slice to the Right:

5 pull ups, run up to Washington Street and back.  Repeat 3 times.  5 more pull ups at the end for good measure.

Jog to tennis courts:

Group 1 – balls to the wall; Group 2 – run to opposite corner of courts, crab length of court, run back.  switch with your friends.  Repeato 2 more times, substitute bear crawls and karaoke.

Jog to middle of lower field for Mary:

PAX rolls through WWII sit ups, russian hammers, reverse LBCs, standard merkins, homer to marge, diamond merkins, plank jacks; meanwhile, one at a time each member of the PAX runs across the field, up hamburger hill, around the bench and back to the Mary Circle.


  • Another great day at BB.  Tell your friends.
  • Welcome to Cooperstown, NY’s own FNG Slow Pitch.  To the PAX concerned about YHC’s reference to a traveling softball team, I present to you, The King and his Court:
  • Godspeed to our traveling brothers Pac Man and TARP.