Five Pax gathered, the VSF was planted, and we skipped the disclaimer (it would come into play later).  Our man Dufresne spent the better part of his day at the doctor’s office, but you wouldn’t have known that from smile on his face when the Pax arrived.

Slack-jawed as defined by Merriam-Webster:  :  having the lower jaw dropped especially as indicating amazement <stood slack-jawed with surprise>

The Thang:

Leg Presses – (alternating) sets of 10 x 2
Leg Lifts – (alternating) sets of 10 x 2
Leg Rolls – (alternating) sets of 10 x 2
Core Sit Ups – sets of 10 x 10
Happy Jacks – (oblique side to side) sets of 10 x 10
Elbow/Bicep Squeezes – aka Chicken Wings – (alternating) 2 x 15
Diamond Arm Push–aka Checkin’ the Animal for Weapons–(alternating) 2 X 15
Pile Drivers (alternating) 2 x 15
Bicep Extension with the rubber band (arms in 45 degree angle, extend arms down and toward the floor) – set of 25 (Whoa! and here’s where we joked about the disclaimer since a recoil could have been nasty since I was holding the rubber band)
Arm Extension (again with rubber band, arms straight out, push arms/hands toward the floor) – set of 20


Continued prayers for strength and healing for Dufresne. As Money Hose posted in his backblast from #Hopebuilder last week, Dufresne is like our Rock of Gibraltar – eyes on the horizon and I’ll add focused on long-term goals. Dufresne, there’s a whole busload of folks in your corner brother.


  • Slack-jawed…it’s not just a song by The Connells, it describes the look on our faces as Dufresne showed us what he was capable of with some of the new exercises his OT demonstrated Tuesday. Case in point – Dufresne cranking out  25 bicep extensions with no sign of slowing down.
  • T-Claps to Steroid, Lamp, and Gnobby with a G for joining us and helping keep track of counts.  Dufresne motored through several and it was a challenge to keep up.  If I botched the rep counts, correct me.
  • Learned Dufresne enjoyed Anchorman and is looking forward to the release of Anchorman 2 this December.  Following the workout we watched a few of the Ron Burgundy/Dodge Durango commercials.  It’s kind of a big deal…
  • If you want to borrow a copy of Dufresne’s wife’s book, Miracles for Daddy, which tells their journey through diagnosis and treatment, there are four copies making the rounds.  Need another – let me know.  Here’s a link from Amazon with an overview of the book.
  • If you’ve not experienced this yet, check out the Google Doc below and find a Tuesday or Thursday when you can join us. We’ll always have someone as QIC who has done this several times and we’re glad to walk you through the exercises.  In true F3 fashion, we’re not professionals.