6 Pax headed off-campus this morning from Martin Middle School to take up some tempo runs up the hills of the Raleigh Greenway system.  In process, we made more than just left turns – no NASCAR this week – and contemplated the beauty of museum Yard Art.

The Thang

Warm-up jog down the hill to the Greenway and left turn towards the art museum.  1/2 mile in, pause for a warm-up circle.

Windmills x 16, Imperial Walkers x 16

On to the fun…

Sprint up each hill and gather at the top, then jog (faster than fellowship pace) to the next hill.  8 hills total, including two trips up the “Dark Monster” leading to the I-40 bridge.

Statistics (buck rogers report – http://connect.garmin.com/activity/387948017):

  • Total distance covered was 4.6 miles
  • Total elevation gain = 470 feet
  • average pace of 9:10 (including the warm-up circle).
  • Largest climb – 75 feet in 0.41 miles (3.5% grade)
  • Steepest climb – 47 feet in 0.17 miles (5.25% grade)

Close with a circle of stretching

Naked Moleskine

  • Light crowd today – fear of rain?  Yo-yo has the Q next week and we have a good benchmark workout planned.
  • CK learned the importance of pacing yourself on the first hill and knowing how long said hill is… pain was earned today.
  • Yo-yo is always front of the pack.  Even YHC could not stave him off on the 2nd Dark Monster attempt, even though I had the lead for the first 1/2 of said hill….
  • Repo is back and gets full Kotters!  Glad to have you back on the mend brother.  Looking forward to more running with you soon.
  • Pick a race, establish a goal.  Train with purpose.  Looking forward to hearing how several half-marathon attempts work out for the Pax over the next 8-weeks.  Many of our #Hi-fidelity workouts should help.
  • Long-run on Sunday 6:00 AM – 12 miles (with a shorter option possible depending upon the route).  E-mail or twitter if you are interested.