YHC is plenty stoked to see The Boss play Raleigh next month…and 13 PAX were in rare form at Late Night.  In honor of Bruce and his many songs about being “out in the street”, we tore up the pavement today at Late Night:

-20 SS Hops / 20 Good Mornings / 20 Imperial Walkers / 20 Merkins

– Indian Run four blocks, uphill, around Lady of Lourdes

– Bear crawl back downhill to the bottom of the hill

– Jog to big rocks by the creek for a quick round of Urkins and Dirkins

– Jog back to the Hill for the Fearsome Burpee Ladder

– Partner 1 sprints to the top for 1 burpee while Partner 2 planks

– Flapjack and repeat / up to 5 burpees

– Quick BTW on the way too short fence (note to future Qs)

– Jog to Greenway for the- Zoo Walk – 15 second bear crawl / 15 second gorilla crawl / 15 second crab crawl / 15 second sprint

– Repeat until bridge and lunge walk across bridge

– Indian run to the parking lot

– Form a plank line, feet spread wide, as we do the football drill, highstepping over each guys feet

– Repeat

– form 4 short lines, do football speed drill with Planks

– Mary with Homer to Marge, Russian Hammers, and Ali Shoulder Taps