jack lalanne Jack LaLanne joined us at Danger Zone this morning (only in spirit) to show how chisiled he had gotten doing F3 workouts in his old age.  7 PAX with an average age of 46.3 were inspired and followed suit in Cee-Lo’s first solo Q.  Here’s the whole Thang:

Jog around parking lot to basketball court for warm-ups:
– Full body extensions x 15
– Windmills x 15
– Sir Fazio arm circles x 10 each way
– Good mornings x 15

Jog to sand volleyball courts for some Misty May-Treanor’s:
– 4 court suicides (sprint forward / backward jog back)

Mosey to Picnic pavilion:
– Spiderman Irkins x 20
– Split squats (one foot on bench) x 20 each leg

Rumble down the trail to the scenic overlook:
– Mountain climbers x 20
– Crossfit merkins x 20
– Plank jacks x 20

Robert Plant up the trail stairs for King of the Mountain:
– Prisoner Squats x 20
– SSH x 20

Proceed to 60 yd bridge over Cary Memorial Creek:
– Lunge walk across with torso twist
– Butt Kickers across
– High knees across

Up hill journey to the playground:
– Bear crawl up slide hill x 5
– Swing rows x 20
– Standard merkins x 20

Finally to the Rock for Mary:
– Freddy Mercury x 20
– 6″ leg hold x 10 count around
– LBCs x 20


 – Several prayer requests for those ill, having surgery, grieving, and seeking wisdom for some tough personal choices

– Well wishes to our site Q, CK, who was under the weather today

– Reminder to sign up for MudRun and GoRuck.  Time is drawing near.