F3 is a men’s group, but now it is time to do something for the ladies.  The Triangle edition of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is set for June 14, 2014; the timed 5K starts at 7:00.  Now is the time to register.  Last year eight Pax ran.  This year our goal is 25.  Be one of them.

This is personal for many of us.  In January 2010 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35.  She was one of the lucky ones.  Hers was a “good” variety and was caught early.  Too many women are not as fortunate.  Even if breast cancer hasn’t touched your life directly, this is a great chance to wave the F3 flag and support a worthy cause.

Not a runner, you say?  No worries.  First, it is only a 5K.  3.1 miles.  No sweat.  Second, you have about ten weeks to get ready.

Like your Saturday boot camp at Pullen or Catalyst?  We are going to try to get in a post-race workout for 30 minutes or so at Meredith.  Coffeeteria is likely as well.

Can’t make the race?  We understand.  It is a busy time of year.  Donate to the team instead.  Our goal is to raise $2,500.

Here is the link to the “F3 Raleigh” team:


Make sure to register for “F3 Raleigh” and NOT for F3.  That is last year’s squad.

Thanks in advance for participating and for your support.  Aye!