Let me to you, Dawn Patrol at Laurel Hills Park is a great place to Q. The park has a lot of ‘good stuff’ available and a varied landscape on which to give most of us a pretty good workout. I’ve been beaten down at this location several times but this was my first time Q-ing here. I reviewed my plan last night and thought that this was going to kick ass.  If I just had some steep hill and/or stair work then it might start approaching hall of fame material. There’s got to be something nearby, right? Parking deck or something? Objects in Google Maps ARE NOT as close as they appear online…or I need a better laptop.  Consequently Wolf Run Kangaroo Run was held a day early this week … and I have notes for half a workout for another day. Drawing these things up is pretty fun but the execution can sometimes be a challenge. Oh well, progress, not perfection.


SSH x35 IC
IW x 25 IC
Sir Fazio Arm Circle x20 each direction
Windmill x 25 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC

The Thang
Run to the parking deck

  • Backward run to the top of deck
  • Down Parking Deck, Karoke on the flats, run the decline

Run the ‘back way’ back to the park

Rock work

  • Diamond Merkin (on rock) x 10 IC
  • (Kneeling) Curl-to-Press x 10 IC


  • Kneel Up (rock extended overhead) x10 IC

Run to Parking lot


  • LBC x 15 IC
  • Cannonball x 15 IC
  • Freddie Merc x 15 IC
  • WWII Situp x 15 IC IC
  • Hammer x 15 IC


Special intentions included YHC’s MIL and for the peace/healing for 2 of YHC’s friends that have lost their mothers this week. For Krusty and a successful (sane) retreat trip to Salter Path with students.