21 PAX showed up to start the week at North Hills and gave a stellar performance.  Least valuable player: Co-QIC Ron Burgundy’s unwashed shirt.  Yikes.


Jog up Currituck/Down Yadkin, stop at bridge.


SSH X 20

Imperial Walker X 20

Good morning X 20

Merkins X 20

Mountain Climber X 20

Count off in groups of three:

In heats, sprint/bearcrawl/gorilla walk (second time through just sprint/bearcrawl)

Electric slide:

1 group sprints/10 burpees spring

Other group does incline merkins


jog to trail

horizontal merkin walk

jog back to base of sisyphus hill for quick mary

along way stop and do

20 X six inch leg hold

LBC x 40

up sisyphus to wrap