Today was the end of an era.  YHC is not actually sure if 16 months qualifies as an ‘era’, however he is sure that he enjoys cliche, and so the opening sentence will stand.  No longer will Raleigh Pax be limited to only one choice when deciding where to go to experience a Saturday F3 workout.  We are growing, and, while parting is such sweet sorrow, it is also essential to the mission of F3, and so this is the final day when Pullen will be the sole Saturday F3 workout in Raleigh.  38 pax turned out in the gloom this morning to experience the pain delivered by todays Q’s.

Warm Up by Abacus:

  • Sir Fazio’s 10x each direction
  • Windmills 20x
  • SSH’s 20x
  • Merkins 15x
  • Diamond Merkins 10x
  • Mtn Climbers 20x
  • High Knee Up-Downs 10x

Form 2 lines and Indian Run up to the recycling cul-de-sac.

Chong Li Group jog to the ‘Red Diamond’ baseball field to be in the presence of the ghosts of King David’s former glory (cue Bruce Springsteen) and partner up

  • Partner Carries to infield line, flapjack and back to fence
  • Partner 1 Balls to Wall while Partner 2 Bear Crawls to infield line and sprints back.  Flapjack.
  • Wheelbarrow to infield line, flapjack and return to fence
  • Partner 1 People’s Chair while Partner 2 Lunge Walks to infield line and sprints back.  Flapjack.
  • Merkin/Squat Descending Pyramid (in cadence) 20-15-10-5
  • Grand Finale:  Burpee Broad Jump to infield line

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Abacus Group jog to Tennis Courts to Work on Movement and Strength

  • Partner 1: 10 yd High Knees + 30 yd Sprint (2x) & Partner 2: Mtn Climbers.  Flapjack. 2x
  • Partner 1: 20 yd Bound + 20 yd Sprint (2x) & Partner 2 Low Plank Hold.  Flapjack.  2x
  • Partner 1: 20 yd Lateral Shuffle + 20 yd Sprint (2x) & Partner 2 Peter Parker.  Flapjack.  2x
  • Partner 1: 20 yd Carioca + 20 Yd Sprint (2x) & Partner 2 Dive Bomber Merkins.  Flapjack.  2x
  • Bear Chase
  • Broad Jump across the Court
  • Railroad Merkins (25)

Each group does both routines, being alerted to the proper time to switch venues by Au Pair sounding the signal from his bullroarer whilst perched precariously atop a high boulder (see video), then ultimately re-converging for a rendezvous in the grass to enjoy the early morning eau de Pullen and 7 Minutes of Mary:

  • LBC 23x
  • Windshield Wiper 23x
  • Low Slow Flutter 18x
  • Reverse LBC 18x
  • Alternating Oblique Crunch 23x
  • Plank for White Shoe – 5 count around


Naked Moleskin

  • Prayers for Dean Weaver (spinal surgery)
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