After a two week hiatus due to back spasms, I initially considered doing ArmCirclepalooza or Windmillpalooza. Ultimately, I decided to man-up and created Burpeepalooza. The concept is to do as many different types of burpees as possible in the allotted time (25 minutes).

Warmup (Riggs):
SSH x 20
Windmills x 20
Airsquats x 20
Merkins x 10

Floyd run (with 21lb pavers) to the Campus Police Department…

Burpee/Wall jump pyramid:
10 Burpees, 1 wall jump
9 Burpees, 2 wall jumps
8 Burpees, 3 wall jumps
7 Burpees, 4 wall jumps
6 Burpees, 5 wall jumps
5 Burpees, 6 wall jumps
4 Burpees, 7 wall jumps
3 Burpees, 8 wall jumps
2 Burpees, 9 wall jumps
1 Burpee, 10 wall jumps

(Personally, I think the 2-3 ft wall jumps were the harder exercise in this pyramid.)

Mosey to the steep hill (the one that claimed an FNG so long ago)…

5 hill sprints mixed with 10 decline burpees

Mosey to the gravel path…

Traveling Burpees x 40 yards (~15-20 burpees total)

Mosey to the field hockey staircase…

Climbing staircase burpees (~20)
20 Burps
20 Russian Hammers
20 LBCs

Time was up and we had completed ~100 burpees plus some other exercises mixed in.  Although I had some really good burpee exercises left (wall burpees, weight burpees, single sided burpees), I reluctantly handed the reins over to Riggs for his brand of pain.

Mosey to the quad with pavers above the head…

Merkin/Freddy Mercury roll
All the pax in a line, 10 merkins, roll on back to the left, 10 Freddy Mercurys, roll on belly, 10 merkins, roll on back…etc.
Repeato for 5 total sets

Ring of pain
All the pax in a circle, one man calls an exercise that the rest do while he sprints around the circle with paver above head.
Merkins on paver, bench press, overhead press…etc.

Mosey on back to the start for some Mary…

WWII situps x 20
Putins x 10 count around (leg up, back, front)
Sarkozy x the same
6″ leg raise x 10 count around


– And ya’ll thought the 9# pavers were fun?  How ’bout them 21# beasts?  Thank you Floyd for this new torture implement.  Best $10 you’ve ever spent.
– Kotters to Floyd and Seinfeld.  Was afraid you all were headed to the 60 day DL.
– Floyd spilled the beans about burpeepalooza a few days ago.  Was dreading it since then.  Good thing he didn’t have the whole workout to unleash it on us.
– Chester (aka Lester, aka Ron Jeremy, aka Iceman) is looking to start a Thursday workout.  Keep an eye out for details.