A Pax of 13 set out from Centennial on a perfect morning.  After a boot camp beat down courtesy of TARP last Friday, YHC decided this week would be back to basics at Wolf Run.  Yep, a run.

The Thang:

SSH x 15 to collect stragglers.

We ran.  We stopped a few times.  We ran some more.  The Pax covered about 3.5 miles in total with a loop around Cameron Village and some Frogger while crossing streets in traffic.

Stop # 1

Standard merkins X 15

Staggered arm merkins right x 10

Staggered arm merkins left x 10

Stop # 2

Plank (for White Shoe) for a minimum of 2 minutes depending on arrival time.  Various planks including high plank hold, Putin, Sarkozy, crossed arms, and Chilcutt.

Stop # 3

Lunge walk over the railroad track bridge.

Squats x 25

Squat hold x 30 seconds

Naked Moleskin

  • Apologies to the group for a poor decision on the return trip to Centennial.  We were a little too close to Western Boulevard traffic after YHC decided to climb the hill instead of taking the path through the woods.  No injuries to report and everyone made it back, so all’s well that ends well.
  • Tclaps to Steroid, TARP and Fungo for making it out this morning after PBR at the PR last night.
  • Nice work by all this morning.  We kept a tight pack on the run and made good time.
  • New workouts are in the works.  In August we will have a Wednesday workout at North Hills and soon after a Monday workout at Jaycee Park.
  • GORUCK Nasty in September.  Half price right now, so check it out if you are interested.