5 PAX emerged from the gloom and soon realized that a storm was coming and the ark need to be loaded…

Warmup: yog, arm circles, stretches, SSH x5 (Riggs was not pleased at the brevity and timing of our SSHs this morning)

Ark Loader: 50ish yards – perform the exercise, 10 merkins, 10 pull-ups, air squats until every is done then next animal
1. Duck walk
2. Bear crawl
3. Crab walk
4. Inch worm
5. Gorilla walk
6. Travelling burpees (yes, we’ve already established this… burpees are animals too)
7. Noah himself was pretty cool.. so he lounged his way onto the ark (walking lunges)

And just when the PAX thought our morning work was complete, someone (YHC) checked our manifest and recognized that we loaded the wrong Ark… and thus the process started all over again

Ark loader: another 50ish yards, 10 merkins, 10 dips, repeat
1. duck walk 2. bear crawl 3. crab walk 4. inch worm 5. gorilla walk 6. travelling burpees
7. Noah was so confident this time, he wanted us to do reverse lunges onto the Ark


-Congrats to Dream Catcher on his engagement
-If you ask your physical therapist, I guess everything we do in F3 is bad for your back? someone verify this one…
-Riggs got the F3Durham t-shirt approved through “the powers that be”… get yo dolla dolla bills ready!