And with those words of encouragement from White Shoe, 15 PAX entered the mercury vapor illuminated gloom of the Forge on the first solo Q for sometimes numerically challenged Gnard Dogg.

Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out.

The Thang

Run to Circle


SSH X 20, Imperial  Walkers X 20, Fazio Arm Circles X 8 Reverse X 8, Mountain Climbers X 25

Run around lake to steps before bridge

Quick Feet X 20, ‘Dericans X 15, Mini Jump Ups X 20, ‘Mericans X 15

Run back to carousel (don’t forget to jump over Bob Wade) and find a bench or wall

Dips X 20, ‘Dericans X 15, Dips X 20, ‘Mericans X 10

Run up/down stairs X 4

Plank hold until everyone is done, Prisoner Squats X 20, LBC’s X 30

Run to tennis courts (which way are they again?)

Run around perimeter of courts, Sprint to corner, High Knees to corner, Butt Kickers to corner, Backwards Run back, Repeat

Line up for count off (1-15)

Odds – Bear Crawl to far court, backwards run back

Evens – Burpees


Odds – Crab walk halfway then Lunge walk, sprint back

Evens – Balls to the Wall then plank


Odds – Karaoke suicides X 3 (near, middle, far court)

Evens – People’s Chair


Run to rock pile and grab your stones

Shoulder Press X 20, Bicep Curl X 20, Tricep Curl X 20

Run back to grass for Mary

WWII Situps X 30

Freddie Mercury X 30

Greg Valentine’s AKA Russian Hammers AKA American Hammers X 20


PAX provided some interesting facts about themselves, none of which were that interesting.


Brier Creek (The Patch???) launches 1/1/14.  Moneyhose is running point. Send him any contacts you may have in that area.

Thanksgiving convergence at Laurel Hills, 7am, it’s the only show in town.

No Happy Hour on Thanksgiving but feel free to show up unannounced at Epoxy’s place anytime that evening.

Closing Prayer courtesy of Wonk