In 1975, Venice Beach, California was ground zero for the training battle between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno for the Mr. Olympia title. The two great champions matched wits, battled through pain and pushed themselves to the next level in pursuit of greatness. Roanoke Park is a modern day Venice Beach, as every Thursday morning at 6:00 am the PAX faithfully arrive to push through the pain and reach the next level. No frills, no long runs, just Pumping Iron.


Warm up jog to the basketball court for SSH x 20; Good Mornings x 20; Imperial Walkers x 20; Standard Merkins x 20.


With a partner, go through the following stations which are laid out in a line from the top of the hill to the basketball court. One partner presses weights, the other rotates planks, alternating lunges and squat hold. Approximately 1.5 minutes per station. Each partner spends half the time pressing weights and half the time plank/lunge/squat.  Keep rotating through the stations until time is called.

Bench press, hammer curls, Big 21’s, military press, slosh pipe squat, Pablo Escobar’s run for the border, Scottie Bobs, medicine ball over the backstop, pull ups, Scottie Bob’s, double swing set traverse with pull ups on each end, clean and press with kettle bell, run to top of park.

3 MINUTES OF MARY: LBCs x 20, Box Cutters x 20, Freddie Mercury x 20, WWII Sit Ups x 20.


  • Fourth of July Convergence workouts at Late Night and Juggernaut only, 7:00 am.