15 Pax in the gloom for a swimrun through the trails of the park we call Umstead.

The thang – out for 21 – 25 minutes with 2 right turns and lots of hills, turn around, and head back to base.

I have to give it up to the PAX showing up for Endorphin – with youthful exuberance, their speed is not kidding around.  YHC has become comfortable near the front of Endorphin since we began in April – but things are changing.  As I made the base of Cemetery Hill (2.5 miles into the run), I looked up and saw that not only was I in 8th out of the 15, but Cornholio and Flatline had already made the turn around and were headed back my way.  Those two lit it up with a 42-43 min effort.  Others arrived between 47 – 52 minutes.  All worked hard, and several invisible shirts made appearances.

COT with Stretching, count-o-rama and name-o-rama.

Layover closed us out in Prayer with words of peace for Dufresne and family, and lifting up others on our lips, hearts, and minds.