11 PAX emerged for a Juggernaut beatdown in the humid morning air. The fourth edition of Juggernaut would explore some unused parts of our excellent site. It was a celebratory morning for YHC, as the United States emerged from the so called “Group of Death” in Brazil. Patriotic spirit abounded.

The Thang

Jog to the soccer field.

Warmup: SSH x20, Good Mornings x15, Fazios x15 each direction, Imperial Walkers x15

Group of Death: Box of four cones. 16 reps at each cone to signify the Round of 16 the US advanced to. Count off by 4s, Merkins-Squats-Carolina Drydocks, WWII sit-ups. Bear crawl between stations.

Upon completion, sprint the length of the soccer field, jog it back.

Repeato Group of Death, this time 8 reps of each exercise since the USA will surely defeat Belgium and advance. Repeat the sprint.

Mosey over to our previously unused rock pile. Grab a rock, circle up.

In cadence, pass rock in between: shoulder press x12, curls x12, American Hammer x15, tricep extensions x12.

Head to the parking lot. Partner up. Partner 1-suicides Partner 2-chilcutt hold, flapjack. Partner 1-suicides Partner 2- people’s chair on a tree or fence post, flapjack. Partner 1-suicides Partner 2- Irkins on the fence.

Mosey to baseball field. Bear crawl to first base, crab walk to second base, wheelbarrow to third, partner carry home.

Partner 1- sprint the foul line, Partner 2- people’s chair flapjack

Partner 1- sprint the foul line, Partner 2-balls to walls flapjack

Mary: LBCs, Freddie Mercury, six inch leg hold around the circle, merkins, flutter kicks


Pray for Dufresne and his family this week especially. Convergence at Baileywick July Fourth from 7-8 w/ coffeeteria at Sola after. Sign up for the Mud Run. Seriously, do it.

Welcome to our FNG Beans who celebrated his birthday with his Maiden post. 53 years old and crushed it. Atta boy.