Johnny Cash
Six PAX arrived at the break of dawn to greet a new day, sharpen some iron, and pay homage to #themaninblack via a Johnny Cash inspired Wolf Run.  Before the PAX assembled, YHC sent a text to MDufresne following visits by many F3Raleigh PAX to see Dufresne yesterday afternoon.  YHC let her know we would be praying for Dufresne this morning.

YHC issued the disclaimer, remarked on the stylishness of Myrtle, Munson, and Gnard Dogg’s headbands, and we were off. YHC thought this was a Johnny Cash themed workout, not Bjorn Borg, but let’s roll with it.  YHC #didntgetthefashionmemo.

Purposefully planned slow, methodical cadence counts for the workout ahead.  Proper form, maximum burn was the goal….about that burning sensation…

The Thang

The Ring of Fire
SSH x 15
Box Cutters x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15

Run from Oval Drive to intersection of Centennial Drive/Achievement Drive
Burpees x 15 OYO

I Walk The Line
Continue down Achievement Drive, left on Main Campus Drive to the Lonnie Poole Golf Course.
Incline Merkins x 15
Quick Feet x 15

Sunday Morning Coming Down (interpreted as Friday Morning Coming Up)
Charge the hill to the Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse
Take in the sunrise over downtown Raleigh while doing Prisoner Squats x 15

One Piece at a Time
Right on Main Campus Drive, jumping off onto the greenway toward Lake Raleigh.
Decline Merkins x 10 on the rail
Dips x 10

Folsom Prison Blues
Continue to Lake Raleigh
Stop at the base, charge the hill like you were making a break for it, squat hold at the top.

The Man In Black
Recover on the run to the Hunt Library
Pause at the base of the steps for YHC’s rambling explanation of Silas Ramsbottom Kickers and something about six and eight-year olds naming an F3 exercise.
Silas Ramsbottom Kickers up the steps
Plank at the top, Putin, Sarkozy

The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer
Run to The Oval while Myrtle sings Ring of Fire.  Dude can sing and got the entire PAX singing along.
Russian Hammers x 10
LBCs x 10
Rosalita x 10


Mudrun on 10/4 in Columbia, SC. Questions see Gnard Dogg.  Sign up HERE.
The M.U.L.E. is coming 10/25.  Save the date.
Prayers for Dufresne and his family.
F3 Nation PAX recovering from injuries.


  • Many thanks to the PAX for a great workout and the opportunity to Q this morning.
  • After we wrapped up, YHC returned to his car to find a text from MDufresne stating that Dufresne had passed away at around 3:00 am.  Dufresne has headed home. He is no longer in pain and limited to the confines of his earthly body.Thanks to all the PAX for your prayers for, visits to, and support of Dufresne, (Jim Young), MDufresne (Erica Kosal) and their two children. Details about funeral service arrangements will be forthcoming.