Eight pax gathered in the steamy Holly Springs gloom for Cletus.  We cast our pearls before some very skinny swine.  In the gloom they were hard to see so maybe they were deer but in keeping with our Cletus theme and the main feature of today’s workout which was a String of Pearls we’ll maintain that they were skinny pigs #truthnugget.

Jog to opposite side of track for a warm up of 20 side shuffle hops, 20 mountain climbers, 15 good mornings, 15 standard merkins

String of Pearls- Indian run around track- 1 lap then 15 standard merkins, 20 Ukrainian Hammers, 15 Wide Grip Merkins, 20 Freddie Mercurys

Another Indian Run lap followed by – 15 diamond merkins, 20 LBC’s, 15 standard merkins, 20 Hello Dollys

Final Indian Run lap followed by 15 carolina dry docks, 20 LBC, Plank hold with variations named after various things that Cletus observes is his natural element (i.e. dog pissing posture)

Jog over to tennis courts, partner up – Five burpees, partner wheel barrow walk across two courts, 5 burrpees, other partner wheel barrow walks back

Mary – 20 Ukrainian hammers, 15 Freddy Mecurys, 6″ leg hold for 10 count around the circle

Howard took us out with a prayer.