It was a crisp fall muggy as hell summer morning, making the BO ripe in downtown Cary. 12 PAX gathered around the Imp Green Shovel Flag.

Off we went…waiting at station 1 for Grease Monkey to make his way over.

The Sir Fazio Arm Circle – 10×2

Run to the Arts Center, zig zag up the steps, rail walk down the ramp, plank hold to wait.

Mosey to the soccer field, which the Town of Cary so graciously refuses to mow, yet maintains in a marsh like sopping wet condition.

Continue the warm up. SSH x 25, GM x 15.

Four Corner Soccer Workout. Divide into two.

Group one stays behind for merkin-a-rama. Group 2 bear crawls to soccer goal, karaoke over to other post, back peddles to 3, karaoke to home. FLAPJACK!!!!!!!!

This round, group one does some plank a rama while the hombres de dos lunge walk to goal, 10 merkins, lunge walk to post for 10 burpees, lunge walk to station 3 for 10 more merkins, lunge walk home. FLAPJACK AGAIN.

Mosey to the backstop for people’s chair, lifting each leg alternately.

Then throw in some balls to the wall, add in a 10 count on both hands, then lift each hand off the ground (at different times) for a 5 count each. Mumble chatter suddenly stops during this one.

Mosey to the parking lot for a 5 count partner dank/derkin OYO with a fun flapjack in between.

Off to the starting point with some butt kickers and lunge walks in between. Stop at the post office for plank a rama. This was made more fun by the chilcut putins and sarkozies on the gravel sidewalk. Pain makes you stronger. Keep with it.


No Friday the 4th workouts in Cary, join one of the Raleigh groups.

YHC will announce an impromptu 2F sometime soon. Don’t take your eyes of the Twitternet or you’ll miss it.

New Monday workout in Cary coming soon to a pain station near you. See Grease Monkey for details.

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Prayers for Saban’s family, dealing with the untimely death of his cousin and for Burt’s family and work as they also cope with an untimely death.

Prayers also fro DuFresne and his family as it appears he is making a final journey home.