11 PAX posted to kick off the 4th of July holiday week (later became 13 – more to come on two of the best F3 search and find missions ever and they occurred within minutes of each other)!

PAX headed north on Six Forks, crossing over and circling up behind St. Marks Methodist.

Warm Up

  • SSH X25
  • Wind Mill X15
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles (10 forward / 10 backward)
  • Merkins X 10
  • Good Mornings X10

Back down Northbrook Drive heading towards Brooks Elementary.  PAX were stopped by Q at each “Speed Hump” sign and cranked out sets of 15 and 20 Monkey Humpers.  Arrived at Brooks Elementary and went to soccer field / track.  In anticipation of World Cup knock out round, PAX divided into two groups for “Corner Kicks”.  Group gathered in corner, performed set of exercises, ran to other corner, repeato, back to original corner and plank hold (Q also sprinkled various versions of plank).

  • Jump Squats X 20
  • Star Jumps X20
  • Peter Parkers X15
  • Alternating Lunges X20

Somewhere in the middle of this set Tin Cup and Queso come running up (20 minutes into workout).  They arrived at Carroll a few minutes late and PAX were long gone and as PAX left in a non-traditional route.  The two brothers went for a run of their own, going around Carroll, across Six Forks searching behind St Marks and Trinity Baptist and then back to Carroll for some more listening and searching.  Tin Cup looks at Queso and says, “only one more place I can think of – Northbrook Elementary School).  When the arrived Rain Man was floored thinking “how in the world did these guys find us?”, then began wondering if F3 had put a GPS tracking device in his head to monitor every movement! SEARCH AND FIND MISSION #1 COMPLETE!  T-claps to Tin Cup and Queso for pushing each other to unite with their F3 brothers and not giving up.

Moved over to wall for People’s Chair and then continued to back side of school for set of “Mountain Climbers” – ran up short, very steep hill (60 degree angle?), performed 10 mountain climbers at top, run back down.  Continue for 5 sets.

Moved to longer, gradual hill behind Brooks.  Partnered up, wheel barrow up, crab walk down, flap jack.  As exercise concludes, FNG (John Rogers) shouts, “My wedding band came off while going up the hill!”  PAX then began furious search and find mission to locate FNG’s ring.  I’m guessing his 2nd post he will have gloves and probably not mention to his wife about almost losing his platinum ring!  F3 may be free, but that would make it an expensive endeavor!  PAX scrabbled up and down hill like a bunch of wild monkeys looking for lost treasure.  Ring was located by Q after 1-2 minutes of searching.  PAX suggested changing name of Q from Rain Man to Ring Man.  SEARCH AND FIND MISSION #2 COMPLETE!

Moved over to parking lot behind Brooks for sets of sprints and partner exercises (one partner sprints, other partner completes exercise and the repeato while continuing count until you and partner reach designated number).  Burpees X50.  Then as group completed set of sprints as a group.

Then made journey back to Carroll down Northbrook Drive with various sets of monkey humpers, low plank holds, LBC’s, Carolina dry docks, squats, toe-tappers, burpees (OYO) running backward and karaoke sprinkled in along the way.

Upon arrival on Carroll campus, partner up and partner carry down bus lane out front.  Circled up for Mary:

  • LBC’s X20
  • Heels to Heaven X25
  • Monkey Humpers X10
  • Boat and Canoe
  • More Monkey Humpers


During name-o-rama, Q began running through typical questions for FNG, when Fazio pipes up, “I think we have all we need.”  So in honor of Lord of the Rings series, FNG was given very memorable name of “Precious”!


  • July 4th Convergence work out – 2 locations at 7:00am at Juggernaut and Late Night
  • New work out starting in a few weeks (see Yo Yo), format will be where workout is posted night before, you show up with partner and attempt to complete as many rounds of the workout as possible

Prayer Requests

  • Dufresne (Jim Young) passed away on Friday morning after a 6-year battle with lime disease.  Pray for his wife and two children as they walk through this valley of life

Rain Man closed it out with reading of Psalm 23.  Discussed how “green pastures” in and around Israel are deserts with small clumps of green shoots.  Shepherds would lead sheep to these small clumps of green shoots.  Sheep only “lie down” when they have sufficient provision of food and water and know their master in present.  Rain Man reminded PAX how our Lord cares for us in same way shepherds care for their sheep by protecting us and leading us to green pastures.